This collection is fed by extensive research into the intersection of queerness and South Asian history and spiritualities. The Indian sari’s relationship to the body and its political, social, and cultural significances play an important role in this research.

Drawstrings allow for the pieces to be manipulated by the wearer to meet their desires. As bodies, identities, and experiences are fluid, ever-changing, and adaptable, so will be these pieces.

I create this collection within a constantly evolving framework of sustainability,equity, and flexibility that I have been slowly curating in my design practice and personal life over the years. The collection is not gendered and offers a range of adjustable fit within each piece. Textiles are sourced from handloom weavers in India. Natural fibers and dyes consititute the materials.  

Veena Bobba           
The Plural Selves
Spring 2021
Parsons Paris