I seek to merge fashion, environmental  justice, and mindfulness practice in this plan for a Making and Wellness Workshop. Rooted in systems thinking, the goal of this event is to shift people’s values and educate. This event is intended for those with a basic awareness of the impacts of their consumption and creation.

I conducted research, to be further developed, on general awareness of environmental and labor issues in fashion, in order to guide the direction of this workshop. I developed and recorded a visualization rooted in mindfulness to aid designers and consumers in connecting to the extensive labor and resources involved in garment production and offer gratitude.

I created digital illustrations on Illustrator to map out a storyboard for a potential event.

Due to the unexpected circumstances of COVID-19, I was unable to materialize this plan but it remains a goal to pursue this.

Veena Bobba           
Making and Wellness Workshop
Spring 2020
Parsons School of Design, NYC

Fashion Systems Visualization